Tuesday, March 4, 2008

NUGSS Candidates Go Toe-to-Toe Day Before Elections

By Simran Lehal
News Editor

NUGSS candidates presented their platforms this afternoon to a large Wintergarden crowd in preparation for the March 5th-6th voting period.

Speaking like a winner, sole presidential candidate Cameron Ehl promised "continued devotion to the student body," and celebrations for the capstone NUSC project for the year to come.

VP Social candidates James De Vuyst and Nikki Lunoch promised more NUGSS presence on campus. De Vuyst's 3 principals: promotion, campus culture, and innovation were supplemented by his desire to create a biweekly concert series on campus next year. Lunoch stressed the promotion of multiculturalism and quirky events like Santa Claus Olympics.

Speeches heated up when the moneymen, Gavin Chung and Nolan Clark, took to the podium to campaign for VP Finance. Question period, lasting a lengthy 14 minutes, brought out topics like increasing student accessibility to NUGSS financial statements, possibly revising the tiered NUGSS club system, and questioning the NUGSS/Over-the-Edge relationship. Chung would like to increase cooperation between the two autonomous organizations in order to increase student body interest, whereas Clark sees the NUGSS/Over-the-Edge relationship fine as is.

Troy Dickson, Shazad Shah, and Devan Tasa fought for VP Student Affairs, with Dickson citing time spent as a Resident Assistant an asset and Tasa touting his extensive knowledge of NUGSS policy. Carly Aronetz and Elmslie Elyse vied for VP External, while Meghan Toews and Tamara Morrison campaigned for First Nations Rep.

The heavy-duty question of the day, however, was posited at the VP Finance candidates: who would Chuck Norris endorse in a campaign race? The self-proclaimed "Asian invasion" Chung or the self-titled "Serious" Clark?

The answer will be decided with the conclusion of your voting on Thursday evening and the subsequent posting of results by student media.

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